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Forging - Making The World Work

Recommended Audience: Forging industry employees


Available in CD-ROM or video format, this new employee orientation provides a general overview of what the forging industry is, what it does, how forgings are used and the industry's contribution to the North American economy. "Making the World Work" presents a capsule view of the vitality and diversity of the North American forging industry.


What you will see: History of the forging process; Advantages of forging over other metalworking processes; Forging materials used; Forging processes; Forging equipment; Key markets for forgings.

Hammer & Press Safety (Video/DVD)

A must-have training video for forge hammer or press operators! Packaged together on one tape, separate sections speak directly to your operational crews about the safe operation of their equipment. Topics include: Crew Safety Responsibilities, Set-up, Heating, Guarding and Forging.

Induction Heating For Forging

This booklet is a hands-on guide to operation and basic maintenance of Induction Heating equipment.

Online Training

Forging University

Forging University is our online training center designed to assist in your training needs. Available 24/7 and in more than one sitting, Forging University allowing for training to work around your employees schedule.


Forging University currently has 102 diverse training topics that range from forging fundamentals, safety, human resources, sales & marketing, and self-development. For a complete listing and description of courses, please click here.


Forging University is offered for free to all FIA members as a part of their membership. Non-members may purchase access to Forging University at three varying price levels to assist in their training needs.


For more information contact FIA at:

Safety & Health Orientation For The Forging Industry (Video/DVD)

Filmed in forge shops! For use as new employee safety orientation and refresher training, this 23 minute video addresses basic safety and health issues in the forging industry. Content includes employee responsibilities, personal protective equipment, housekeeping, safe lifting, material handling, first aid, machine guarding, hazard communication, confined spaces and more. Included with the video are training participation cards that may be issued to employees. A must for every forging safety program!