Forging RFQ Checklist

(Download Printable PDF)

Basic Information

‰ Company Name
‰ Contact Names & Contact Information
‰ Bill-To and Ship-To Address(es)
‰ Is the quote Budgetary or Active?
‰ Due Date of Quotation
‰ Should the supplier be on a certain Approved Vendor List?

Material and Testing Requirements
(Please include a copy of Any/All Specifications Referenced)
‰ Material Grade(s)
‰ Is there a domestic requirement for raw materials?
‰ Heat Treatment
‰ Any destructive or non-destructive testing requirements?
‰ PPAP Requirements & Timing
‰ Are there any industry specifications that must be adhered to? (Ex: ITAR, NADCAP, AS9100, etc.)

Volume and Program Expectations
‰ Expected Order Quantity
‰ Expected Release Quantities (if applicable)
‰ Estimated Annual Usage
‰ Estimated Length of Program
‰ Start Date of Production
‰ Is this a new project? Are you looking for improvements on current?

Industry & Marketing Information
‰ What is the market and industry?
‰ What is the end-use application?

Part Information
‰ Finished Drawing
‰ Forge Drawing (if available)
‰ Solid Model (or applicable format)
‰ Part Name or Number

Shipment & Packaging Information
‰ Any special material preparation requirements? (Ex: Rust-coating, painting, etc.)
‰ Any special pallets or boxing requirements? (Ex: Lumber Treated for Export/Import)
‰ Label & Paperwork Requirements
‰ Invoicing Requirements