FIA Benefit Highlights

Networking is the #1 cited benefit from belonging to the FIA. In addition to full access to the FIA Membership directory, the association offers its members networking opportunities that provide a platform to share best practices, address common business challenges and cultivate new business relationships. Through industry events, regional and annual meetings, FIA members come together to connect with their peers, exchange ideas, and learn about the latest trends. The association hosts Forge Fair, North America's only forging industry trade show, where thousands of industry professionals gather every-other year. 

FIA Members are also invited to join a variety of committees including Marketing, Public Policy, Plant Engineering, Safety, Workforce Development, Lightweight Alloys, Women in Forging, and Next Gen. Participation in these small groups allows individual committee members to help guide the strategic initiatives of the association, while connecting and networking with others in the industry.
Training and Education
Members gain industry knowledge and hone their skills through FIA’s industry-specific technical seminars, workshops and custom on-site training programs. These in person training opportunities also allow for hands on instruction and access to subject matter experts. Often times, participants learn the most from each other. In-person training opportunities allow for the attendees to engage with their peers and talk through specific scenarios with others who may have experienced the same situations. 

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to send key staff members to in-person trainings. Forging University is the association's eLearning platform designed to assist in your virtual training needs. Available 24/7 and in more than one sitting, Forging University allows for training to work around your employees’ schedule. With more than 42 forging-related course offerings and over a hundred hours of training, from the fundamentals of forging to safety and leadership, FIA covers a wide range of topics and processes that have been designed to cultivate and enhance professional and technical development. 

Industry Benchmarking
FIA produces industry benchmarking reports and surveys that enable member companies to measure their performance against the industry at large. With reports and surveys that address safety, compensation, and orders and shipments, member companies can strategically plan and forecast their business decisions based on industry standards. FIA members also have access to industry economic updates and outlooks. 

FIA is dedicated to bringing awareness to lawmakers on key issues that impact the future of forging. With annual events like Lobby Day, FIA members can voice the issues that affect the forging industry to the attention of elected officials and their key staff members. The association is actively advocating on behalf of the industry's interest by fostering relationships with several governmental agencies and taking the industry's story to policymakers. As an FIA Member, you can leverage the association to advocate for the industry.

Forging RFQ
FIA offers members the opportunity to obtain a Request for Quote (RFQ) over the Internet without the trouble, obligations and costs typically associated with other web sites offering similar services. FIA members can register for this service, and RFQs will automatically be e-mailed to you as they are submitted.


Ready to Join? 
Contact Tricia Abruzzino, FIA Membership Programs & Sales Manager, at or call 216-781-6260.