Online Training Center

Forging University is designed to assist in your training and development needs. Available 24/7 and in more than one sitting, Forging University allows for training to work around your employee's schedule. The platform provides diverse training topics that range from forging fundamentals, safety, human resources, sales & marketing, and self-development.

Forging University is offered for free to all FIA members as a part of their membership. It is also free for students, professors (.edu) and members of the U.S. Military (.mil). 


Updated Courses Available:

  • Fundamentals of Forging 101
  • Safety Orientation
  • Hammer Safety
  • Press Safety
  • Ferrous Metallurgy for Plant Personnel
  • Induction Heating for Forging
  • Courses on HR, Sales & Marketing topics
  • Lubricants in Forging
  • Optimizing Die Care
  • Heat Treatment of Carbon Steel Forging 
  • Upsetter Forging
  • Ring Rolling Training

Forging University is a valuable benefit. We hope that you leverage this improved platform to grow your team, learn new skills, and develop tools to make yourself and your company successful and prosperous.

Get Access: To request access to your Forging University account or to suggest new content please contact: 
Lorean Crowder
[email protected]

Not a Member? Individual course pricing is available in the above catalog for non-members. For more information on joining FIA and getting free access to Forging University, contact:
Tricia Abruzzino
[email protected]