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Forging Industry Fact Sheet


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James R. Warren

President & CEO
[email protected]
(216) 781-6260

“What is the ForgingPAC?”

  • The Forging Industry political action committee was established to bolster and endorse elected officials whose visions resonate with our industry’s priorities. The PAC is vital to the success of our advocacy agenda and to furthering the education of Congress and the Administration.

“Why should I donate to the ForgingPAC?”

  • Your benefaction helps build relationships and get candidates elected that support our advocacy agenda. Our advocacy efforts, through the help of the PAC, shed light on the policy priorities with lawmakers across the country. Individual contributions do not make as big of a splash as a united one from the ForgingPAC; the power lies within the numbers.

“How are the PAC funds utilized by candidates?”

  • Running a campaign for public office is very financially burdensome and competitive. The donations aid effective campaign tools, like advertising, staff salaries, distribution of materials, and more.

“Am I eligible to donate to the ForgingPAC?”

  • Employees eligible to contribute to the PAC are the member company’s executive, administrative staff, and their immediate families. The employee must be paid by salary and cannot participate if he or she gets paid hourly. Member companies may only approve solicitations by one trade association per calendar year. Click here  to fill out the Prior Approval Form.

“How can I donate to the ForgingPAC?”

  • Once your company has signed and sent over the Prior Approval Form, you can donate up to $5,000 annually from your personal funds. The ForgingPAC cannot accept contributions from companies and corporate accounts.