Tooling and Lubrication

Below are the titles and descriptions for tooling and lubrication resources.

  • Modeling of Water and Lubricant Sprays 

    This research is concerned with developing a more complete understanding of spray cooling effects on hot forging process by modeling the thermal-steady state temperature of tool, modeling of droplet spread and evaporation on the tool surface, modelin
  • The Rapid Solidification Process (RSP) 

    An explicit description of the actual rapid solidification process, and everything that such an unorthodox technology may mean to industry, comprises this report.
  • Laser Texturing of Die Surfaces to Improve Lubrication 

    This study explores the possibility of using Laser texturing on the tool and its relevance to micro-lubrication in bulk forming. High interface friction is a primary cause for adhesive pickup in cold forging and extrusion of alloys. This study invest
  • Evaluation of Forging Die Pre-Heating Methods 

    Based on a review of literature and input from forging industry contacts, a Pugh decision matrix was used to select the die heating methods for evaluation in this project. A variety of open-flame methods and induction heating were evaluated for heati