Techniques and Systems

Below are the titles and descriptions for techniques and systems resources.

  • Magnetic Field Processing – A Heat Free Heat Treating Method 

    The primary objectives identified for this project were to: Demonstrate batch HMFP continuous cooling treatment of ferrous materials with industrial significance to reduce costs associated with the conventional, high temperature (thermal) processing
  • Technologies for Rolling Profile Rings 

    In the presentation different profiling technologies as well as the appropriate forming machines or equipments are shown to give a short overview explaining the benefits of manufacturing profiled rings by means of examples.
  • Severe Plastic Deformation to Achieve Ultra-Fine Grains 

    This paper will briefly review the suitability of the currently available Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) methods of ultra-fine grain metal production in order to take advantage of unique characteristics of the UFG metals in critical applications.
  • Welded Preforms in Forging 

    In the present paper, the results of a study that was conducted to investigate the feasibility of using solid-state welded preforms in forging is presented.
  • Continuous Severe Plastic Deformation 

    The primary goals of this project are to: • Demonstrate that a continuous severe plastic deformation process produces ultrafine grained stock material of substantial length and diameter (>30 mm or ~1.25 inches) at a reasonable cost. • Demonstrate t