Simulation and Modeling

Below are the titles and descriptions for simulation and modeling resources.

  • Simulating Grain Size in Nickel Alloy Forgings 

    Nickel alloys such as 718 and Waspaloy are used in turbine engine applications where rotating components are subject to high stresses at elevated temperatures. Strength is developed through the chemistry, grain size and precipitation.
  • Thermal-Mechanical Modeling of Stainless Steel Forgings 

    In this paper, coupled thermal-mechanical simulations are performed, including the effects of die chill, heat generated due to plastic dissipation, and conduction and strength evolution that occurs after compression but before quenching.
  • Enhanced capability of metal forming simulation tools 

    Both FEM simulation and statistical analysis are well known tools in metal forming industries. Accuracy and performance of FEM software have been improving significantly over the last 10 years, and users are able to model real processes in a very goo