Quality Control

Below are the titles and descriptions for quality control resources.

  • Characterization of Internal Defects in Open Die Forging 

    The objective of the present work is to perform a systematic study of several types of internal defects that can be occasionally found in forged products and characterize the defect surface prior to and after high temperature heat treatment.
  • Simulation Of Centerline Defect Closure In Open Die Forging 

    The present work refers to an industrial case concerning large H13 steel ingots forged in A. Finkl and Sons Company. Figure 1.1 shows sections of a number of large forgings rejected by ultrasonic quality control testing, due to the presence of small
  • Prediction and Elimination of Fracture in Hot Forging 

    A comprehensive literature review was conducted in this study. Many fracture criteria were reviewed. The possible criteria that can be used in hot forging were compared with the cased studies from the literature.
  • Dimensional Surface Inspection of Hot Forgings 

    Development of device to inspect hot forgings as they exit the press or hammer to increase machine utilization, reduce scrap and production costs. Prototype devices have been tested at several forging companies.