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Onex Awarded Two Box Forge Furnace Contract

By FIA Staff

Onex, Inc., a leading Pennsylvania manufacturer supporting the forging, heat treating, die casting, non-ferrous foundries, and graphitizing industries, was recently awarded a purchase order for the supply of multiple box forge reheat furnaces for a major supplier of specialty metal parts located in the southeast United States. A reheat furnace is mainly used for heating product before forging. A box forge furnace is used to heat metals up to 2300F before the metal is put in a press and is selected due to the customer's part handling abilities. In a box-type furnace, having high-velocity burners help to provide maximum circulation which aids in heat distribution and product temperature uniformity. Typically, a box furnace features a vertical lift allowing the various sized product(s) to be placed in the furnace. That style of door opens/closes quickly and has a proper sealing through refractory selection which reduces the amount of heat loss during operation. Due to the large size and precise nature of the end products specifications needed, the U.S. client selected an Onex box type furnace due to Onex’s history of designing and building reliable, high performance forge furnaces.

“Onex’s business culture is focused on providing customer solutions. When businesses come to us with specific operational and end product needs, we pride ourselves on creating a plan that works for both their desired outcomes and furnace performance expectations,” states Jeff Rhoades, Combustion Manager for Onex, Inc. “We have been consulting with this customer for over 18 months to review their current operations and suggest improvements. Ultimately, we were able to assist the U.S. manufacturer in their new expansion. We appreciate the customer’s trust in Onex’s 40 plus years of experience with building world-class industrial furnaces.” Onex’s Industrial Furnace Group offers new and retrofitted furnace solutions and control panels in accordance with the latest NFPA, NADCAP, and NEC codes. In addition to designing and building industrial furnaces, Onex keeps forge and heat treat furnaces operating at peak performance with expert combustion technicians offering the latest upgrades and controls, inspection, and training. More information on Onex’s box furnaces can be found

Onex, Inc. specializes in refractory construction and industrial furnace solutions. Their expert OEM team will design, build, and install the furnace to include the refractory lining, combustion equipment and controls, all piping for air and gas, and program the unit for peak performance. Onex serves the forging and heat treat industries. Their combustion and refractory services also include tune-ups, repairs, and retrofits as well as engineered precast shapes. Employee-owned and community-centered, Onex is on a mission to REIGNITE the American Dream!