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New ATI Opportunity: Defense Industrial Base Consortium with the Manufacturing, Capability Expansion

By Charles Edens 

ATI has recently announced that they were awarded the Defense Industrial Base Consortium (DIBC) OTA by the Manufacturing, Capability Expansion, and Investment Prioritization Directorate (MCEIP). The DIBC will have a varied and evolving member base that provides for the execution of projects for purposes of strengthening the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). The DIBC’s mission is to coalesce and award prototype projects to expand the DIB in support of MCEIP’s critical sectors and subsectors. MCEIP is focused on addressing defense supply chain issues, developing the industrial workforce, sustaining critical production, commercializing research and development efforts, and rapidly scaling emerging technologies to build a robust, resilient DIB.

The DIBC will develop and maintain expertise in the following critical DIB sectors and subsectors: (1) kinetic capabilities (i.e., hypersonics); (2) energy storage and batteries; (3) castings and forgings; and (4) microelectronics. The following DIB subsectors are also considered to be critical within MCEIP: (5) critical chemicals and minerals; (6) Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS); (7) Rare Earth Elements (REEs); (8) critical materials; (9) submarine industrial base; (10) space industrial base; and (11) biomanufacturing. These sectors and subsectors may change over time.

If you have a capability or technology that fits within the scope of MCEIP’s focus, ATI invites you to consider joining this new and exciting consortium.

ATI strives to make it easy and user friendly for you to join and be an active and engaged member. As part of that effort, there are currently no membership dues.

More information about joining the consortium can be found on the DIBC public site,

Charles Edens, MBA, PMP
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MAI III - Program Manager
Advanced Technology International
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