Policy Agenda

“If it moves on land, in the air, or on the sea, it contains forgings.”

The forging industry is a vital part of the North American economy. Our annual $35 billion industry is the bedrock of the manufacturing sector, which sustains a thriving economy, thousands of high-paying jobs, and national security. The majority of our member companies are family-owned and operated facing unfair trade practices. With the united voice of our members, we are committed to bringing awareness of our policy priorities to lawmakers.


Fair Trade

The forging industry relies on fair trade practices and enforcement to compete in the marketplace. For example, dumped products from overseas create an unfair, disproportionate playing field. To prevent such acts and ensure an equitable landscape, we need favorable regulations in place.


Forging Unfair Trade Tracking Center

Has your company dealt with unfair trade practices? If so, we encourage you to fill out the survey below. The data you provide will help strengthen our advocacy positions in front of lawmakers and Administration officials. This simple survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete. All the information submitted will remain confidential with FIA.


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Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee is a group of members who aim to promote the advocacy objective of the FIA Strategic Plan. The committee meets every other month or as needed. Interested in sharing your input on advocacy-related matters? Contact Megha Patel at megha@forging.org to join the Public Policy Committee.


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Contact Information

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Government Affairs & Operations Specialist
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