What's So Hot About Forging?

FORGING is the preferred metal-processing choice for superior load-bearing strength. Forged parts can be simple rods, bars and rings, or more complex crankshafts and turbines. They can also be as large as 80 ft. long... 2 stories high... or weigh half a million pounds!

The $7-billion/year North American Forging Industry is a critical link between metal suppliers, and the industrial backbone of durable goods that comprise 20% of our GNP. Forgings can be found in industries like aerospace, automotive, oil drilling, shipbuilding, and ordnance.

Although forging dates back to early civilization, it's by no means outdated! New applications are always being found for the strength and durability that only forged parts provide. And today's forging facilities meet those needs with powerful combinations of hydraulics, pneumatics, and advanced computer technology.

Tomorrow's vision is being shaped by partnerships among forging producers themselves, and with their national and global customers. Upgrades and improvements are also taking place. The industry is both solidly positioned with traditional strengths, and aggressively changing with better solutions. And producers both old and new are looking for the best and brightest to help them forge a strong future.

Whatever your career path, there's never been a better time to explore your future potential in the world of forging!



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