Technology Development



FIA works with a wide range of partners from government agencies to universities

to develop and transfer technology to members.


The Technology Roadmap provides the overall framework of strategic imperatives, major challenges and action priorities that drive research project development and funding. As a foundation, FIA’s sister organization, the Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation, provides an excellent vehicle to both receive and provide funding for technology development and then transfer that technology to FIA Members.



Developing and Transferring Technology

Leveraging Industry and Government Resources for Research and Development Partnering with the U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense has made funding available to test and develop new technologies to increase members’ global

competitiveness. Examples range from energy audits and applying lean manufacturing techniques to energy usage to innovative tooling processes being developed.


    Encouraging Industry Participation in Collaborative Research

FIA members with common goals come together in pre-competitive work groups to improve processes. Examples include an aluminum group investigating the effect of high magnetic field processing;

A closed die group working on die life improvement via rapid solidification processing; job shop energy; and an investigation to eliminate additional process and use of graphite in ring rolling operations.


Developing and Transferring Technology

Research and Technical Bulletins Available on Website

FIA’s on-line Industry Research Report Library contains hundreds of research project reports on topics from design, metallurgy, simulation and modeling to tooling and lubrication. Only FIA Members have

full access to the library.


Technical Assistance / Problem Solving /Project Solicitations FIA as an organization, and the staff in particular, is a resource available to members for technical issues. Your questions or project ideas could be the formation of the next industry or university research program.


    Industry Technology Conference

The Industry Technology Conference offers members the opportunity to hear updates and reports on industry collaborative, university based and technology commercializers report out project outcomes.



Forging handbooks, design guide and tolerances are available.



Technology Development Objectives

Operational Excellence...

via industry collaborative work groups establishing best operational practices and implementation of advanced manufacturing processes.


    Capability Development...

via identification of future technology needs, initiation and facilitation of funding and research.


     Product Market Innovation...

 by fostering and expanding partnerships with academia, national laboratories, other associations and government agencies.


      Collaborative Partnerships

  • Ring Roll Group – Improvement of operational excellence
  • Aluminum Group – Capability development, product innovation
  • Die Life Group – Product and market innovation via revolutionary die manufacturing


       Development of Training Seminars

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Ring roll process and design school