Public Policy Advocacy


Dedicated to making sure Federal Government understands forging and the issues of concern to forgers.


ForgingPAC has been established by the FIA Board of Directors to promote political participation among the employees of FIA
member companies and others with an interest in the forging industry through voluntary personal financial participation in the elective process at the federal level of government.

Contributions to ForgingPAC will be used to help elect candidates that are supportive of U.S. forgers and the forging industry, and that support policies to increase U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.

Participation in ForgingPAC is voluntary and open to all exempt employees of FIA and their families that are U.S. citizens; eligible employees, owners and/or shareholders of member companies and their families that are U.S. citizens where the member company has given FIA permission to solicit these individuals; and other U.S. citizens with an interest in the forging industry, as permitted by federal election law.


Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee mission is to promote the advocacy objective of the FIA strategic plan to “Influence public policy decision makers to take action that will improve members’ global competitiveness.”