Heating and Cooling of Stock

Application of Rapid Infrared Heating for Processing of Aluminum Forgings
Gowreesan Vamadevan and Frank Kraft, Ohio University, Puja Kadolkar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Howard Mayer, The Queen City Forging Co.
Recent Inventions and Innovations in Induction Heating Technology
Dr.Valery Rudnev, FASM, Director, Science and Technology
Electrodynamics, the Neglected Parameter in the Processing and Properties of Metals with Focus on Aluminum
Jun Wang, North Carolina State University, FIERF Funded Project, Presented at 2011 Forging Industry Technical Conference.
Enhancement of Aluminum Alloy Forging Microstructure and Properties
To attain substantial improvement in forging mechanical properties through infrared heating of the billet/perform prior to forging.
Ensuring the Quality of Inductively Heated Billets
Gary Doyon, Inductotherm Group, Rancocas, NJ, Doug Brown, Valery Rudnev, Inductoheat Inc., Madison Heights, MI and Chester J. Van Tyne, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, Forge, April 2010.
Final Report Released on Development of the Hybrid Rapid Infrared Superheating Furnace (FIA and FIERF Supported Project)
Final Project Report: "Development of the Hybrid Rapid Infrared Superheating Furnace for the Treatment of Aluminum Alloys". The main funding for this part of the program was supplied by Edison Materials Technology Center with additional funding for the testing of project samples at Ohio University being supplied by the Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation (FIERF).
How do I select inductors for billet heating?
Valery I. Rudnev, FASM, Inductoheat Group, Heat Treating Progress, May/June 2008
Improving Fatigue Performance of Aluminum Alloy Forgings using Rapid Infrared Thermal Processing
Frank F. Kraft, Gowreesan Vamadevan and Devon Poling, Mechanical Engineering Department, Ohio University, Rob Mayer, The Queen City Forging Company. Initial laboratory trials indicated that applying rapid IR superheating to the solutionizing cycle can reduce heat-treating cycle times by as much as 75% with a resulting decrease in energy consumption.
Induction Heating Serves Today's Forging Industry
Induction heating can offer benefits to forgers in certain applications. Process and design requirements for suitable applications are examined, as are common types of induction heating configurations. Dr. Valery Rudnev, Dir., Science and Technology, Inductoheat Group, Forge, November 2006.
Infrared Heating of Forging Billets and Dies
This project proved the capability of a new type of infrared die heater to uniformly heat forging dies to the desired temperature in 30 minutes instead of the standard 4 hours.
Intricacies for the Successful Induction Heating of Steels in Modern Forge Shops
V. Rudnev, D. Brown, C.J. Van Tyne and K.D. Clarke, Technical Proceedings and World Forging Trends of the 19th International Forging Congress, FIA, Cleveland, OH, USA, (2008), pp. 71-82. Provided to FIA Members by Colorado School of Mines Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center.
Intricacies of Computer Simulation of Induction Heating Processes
Valery Rudnev, Inductotherm Group, Presented at 2011 Forging Industry Technical Conference.
Q&A Regarding Billet Heating
Dr. Valery I. Rudnev, FASM, Inductoheat Group, Heat Treating Progress, January/February, 2009.
Successful Induction Heating of RCS Billets
Dr. Valery I. Rudnev, Inductoheat Inc., Madison Heights, MI, Forge, July, 2008.
3-D Temperature Profile of Forging Reheat Furnace
Professor Shahla Keyvan, University of Missouri Columbia. FIERF has funded Dr. Keyvan's work to apply vision-based sensor technologies used in the glass industry to improve burner control in gas fired forging furnaces. Tests are being conducted at Missouri Forge, Inc.
Vision-Based Technology for Saving Energy in Forging Industry
Final Project Report: FIERF funded study conducted by Dr. Shahla Keyvan to provide a temperature profile of a gas fired heat treat furnace at Missouri Forge resulting in a 7% reduction in gas consumption.
Want Your Bar at Uniform Temperature? In-line Induction Heating used correctly will do just that
Valery Rudnev, Don Loveless, Walt Albert, Kurt Schweigert and Peter Dickson, Inductoheat Inc., Madison Heights, MI, Forging May/June 1999