FIA tackles technology advances from several angles, ensuring that member companies are on top of ways to improve their productivity, enhance their profitability and deliver the most superior product to their customers. FIA and FIERF support industry competitiveness through collaborative research and development, and transfer to practical operating applications and systems.


The FIA Technical Committee facilitates, develops and disseminates technical knowledge relative to the forging process for the benefit of FIA Members. Click here to contact Jim Warren, FIA President & CEO.


Industry Research Reports

Please be patient when opening research reports. Due to the size of the files, they may take up to a minute to load.


Contact FIA President & CEO Jim Warren  ( to discuss your research needs and to learn more about how FIA and FIERF can guide you through the organizational stages of the collaborative process and assist with identification of possible funding sources.

Additive Manufacturing Forging Industry Technical Conference Light Weighting Competing Process Comparisons and Optimization Defects Design Heat Treatment Heating and Cooling of Stock JobShop Lean Metallurgy Predictive Maintenance Quality Control Simulation and Modeling Techniques and Systems Tooling and Lubrication Vision of the future

The Industry's Vision of the Future is a consensus agreement of how the forging industry would like to see itself operating in the year 2020. The document identifies strategic objectives and performance targets needed to achieve the Vision . . . discusses

Forging Industry Technology Roadmap 2022

Industry leaders met in a Strategic Planning session to develop the Forging Industry Technology Roadmap