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May 2017 Quick Read Newsletter

Welcome, Eureka Welding Alloys and Houghton International

FIA’s newest supplier members are Eureka Welding Alloys and Houghton International.

Eureka Welding Alloys, located in Madison Heights, Michigan, provides welding alloys, welding manipulators, technical support and robotic welding systems to the North American forging industry. Chris Kerchkof, sales manager, will serve as the company’s official representative to FIA.

Houghton International, located in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, provides metalworking fluids and lubricants to the North American forging industry. Chuck Faulkner, product manager, will serve as the company’s official representative to FIA.

New FIA Directors and FIERF Trustees Elected at Annual Meeting

FIA members elected new representatives for the FIA Board of Directors and the FIERF Board of Trustees May 1st at the FIA Annual Meeting of Members in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Jeffrey T. Jones of Forge Resources Group (DeKalb, Illinois) will serve as Chairman of the FIA Board, assuming the role from outgoing Chairman Bill Hoban of Green Bay Drop Forge Div. (Green Bay, Wisconsin). Jones’ term as Chairman will last through May 7, 2018.

Willard T. Walker Jr. of Walker Forge (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) will serve as Vice Chairman of the FIA Board. Other members of the 2017–18 FIA Board of Directors include:

  • Gerald Bornman of Aluminum Precision Products (Santa Ana, California).
  • Scott Boyd of Ellwood City Forge – Forging Division (Ellwood City, Pennsylvania).
  • José Bravo of FRISA Industries (Laredo, Texas).
  • Karen Hannum of TimkenSteel Corp. (Canton, Ohio).
  • Alex Jennings of Specialty Ring Products (Bensalem, Pennsylvania).
  • Jeff Klingerman of ATI Powder Metals (Monroe, North Carolina).
  • David Mesick of Milwaukee Forge (Milwaukee, Wisconsin).
  • David Salen of MFC Group (Meadville, Pennsylvania).
  • Mark Shirley of Finkl Steel (Chicago, Illinois).
  • James Thielens of Republic Steel (Canton, Ohio).
  • Michael Wozniak of Commercial Forged Products, a Division of Wozniak Industries (Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois).

The 2017–18 FIERF Board of Trustees will be led by Mark Shirley of Finkl Steel (Chicago, Illinois), who will serve as President. Patrick M. Burke of TECT Power (Cleveland, Ohio) will serve as Vice President. Additional FIERF Board of Trustees members for the 2017–18 term include:

  • Paul Bore of Trenton Forging Company (Trenton, Michigan).
  • Dan Cavanagh of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions, Metform (Savanna, Illinois).
  • William Edwards of Ellwood City Forge – Forging Division (Ellwood City, Pennsylvania).
  • Jeffrey T. Jones of Forge Resources Group (DeKalb, Illinois).
  • Mark Marcucci of Gerdau (GSN) (Jackson, Michigan).
  • John Pale of American Axle & Manufacturing (Detroit, Michigan).
  • Kyle Rackers of Scot Forge Co. (Spring Grove, Illinois).
  • Suzanne Tkach of Tkach Consulting (Columbus, Ohio).
  • Chet Van Tyne of Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Virginia).

In addition to formal elections, the 2017 FIA Annual Meeting of Members featured business and social learning sessions, activities and a golf outing. At the event, Clifford-Jacobs Forging Company was presented with a 75-year membership award, and 50-year membership awards were presented to Inductotherm Group and Moline Forge.

The 2018 FIA Annual Meeting of Members will be held May 5–7, 2018, at the Four Seasons Palm Beach in Palm Beach, Florida.

Largest Forge Fair Ever Attracts More Than 1,600 to Cleveland

A record 160 paid exhibitors helped make Forge Fair 2017 the largest Forge Fair in FIA history. The show closed after a successful two-and-a-half-day run at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland on April 6.

Forge Fair 2017 featured 2,000 more square feet of exhibit space than Forge Fair 2015, the largest previous show. On the exhibit hall floor, more than 1,600 forging industry professionals networked with each other and learned about new products and technologies. Attendees came from across the United States, Canada and Mexico, plus 16 other countries.

In addition to exhibits on the show floor, Forge Fair 2017 featured 60 technical presentations distributed among five tracks. For the first time, roundtable discussions were held in the on the final day of the event, enabling attendees to meet with each other and talk in depth about issues they face at their own facilities.

Other new features at Forge Fair 2017 included complimentary Wi-Fi for all exhibitors and attendees, exhibit booths for forging producers, and the debut of the Why Forging? seminar. Why Forging? informed buyers about the forging process, and showed why forged parts are ideal in applications where reliability and safety are critical.

Forge Fair 2017 was supported by an unprecedented marketing campaign that included more than 88,000 emails sent, and advertising in eight printed publications covering six countries. Advertisements for the event appeared in FORGE Magazine, Forging Magazine, Industrial Heating, Automotive Engineering, Gear Technology, Metal Matters (UK), Forging Journal (Korea) and JFA (Japan). Sponsors of Forge Fair 2017 included Gerdau (GSN), Weld Mold Company, Ellwood Quality Steels Co., Finkl Steel, FORGE Magazine, Inductoheat, Bar Source International and TimkenSteel.

The next Forge Fair will be held May 21–23, 2019, in Cleveland. To reserve a booth, complete this form and submit it to the FIA office.

Roy Hardy Resigns as FIA President

Roy Hardy has left FIA to accept the position of President of the Precision Metalforming Association in Independence, Ohio. Hardy served as President of FIA for eight years.

A search committee has been formed to conduct a search for the next President of FIA. The FIA Search Committee consists of the following members:

  • William M. Hoban (Search Committee Chairman, Former FIA Chairman)
  • Jeffrey T. Jones (FIA Chairman)
  • Ron Hahn (Former FIA Executive Committee Member)
  • Kenneth Mathas (Former FIA Chairman)
  • Michael Wozniak (FIA Executive Committee Member)

The FIA Search Committee is retaining the services of a professional placement firm to conduct a national search to find the next President.

During the search period for the next President, the day-to-day operations of the Association will be handled by Joe Boni, FIA’s CFO, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary. FIA’s Chairman is the chief executive officer of the Association and he will actively function as such during the search period.


Enroll in Die School Today

Registration is now open for FIA's Theory & Applications of Forging & Die Design course. The course is taught by a team of industry experts and engineering professors who work together to carefully explain principles and practices. It will be held June 5–8, 2017, in Cleveland.

More than 2,500 forging professionals have attended Theory & Applications of Forging & Die Design over the last 49 years. The course continues to evolve, and now provides insights into the latest forging technology and metal flow simulation software. Topics covered during the 2017 FIA Theory & Applications of Forging & Die Design course include:

  • The process of forging.
  • Factors affecting the forging process.
  • Mechanical behavior of metals.
  • Stress encountered in forging.
  • Physics fundamentals.
  • Forging die failures.
  • Mechanical fundamentals.
  • Forging equipment.
  • Forging operations.
  • Simulation software.
  • Die block design.
  • Impression die forging.

Students are encouraged to submit real-life problems from their companies for problem-solving sessions. A brief statement of each problem, the material being forged, drawings of parts and/or dies, sample parts (if size permits), and a description of efforts taken thus far will be needed.

The course will be held in the FIA headquarters building, located at 1111 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114. To register, visit

Registration Now Open for First Line Supervisory Development Seminar

The first line supervisor is the bridge between line staff and management. Since the first line supervisor communicates with both of these groups on a continual basis, it is this person who is the first to know if a policy or procedure is not working, or if staffing patterns need to change. Management must recognize the important role first line supervisors play, and provide them with the best resources available to keep their companies performing at high levels.

FIA's First Line Supervisory Development Seminar provides those resources. Led by management training expert Rod Allwood, the course will be held June 20–22, 2017, in Cleveland. The three-day curriculum was developed to help first line supervisors enhance the following skills that are critical to their positions:

  • Leadership and relationship building.
  • Communication.
  • Interpersonal problem solving.
  • Personal development and performance improvement.

To learn more and register for the First Line Supervisory Development Seminar, visit

FIA Now Accepting Applications for 2017 Management Development Institute (MDI) Course

FIA is now accepting applications for its third series of Management Development Institute (MDI) sessions. The MDI program helps middle managers learn practical skills and strategies ranging from time and financial management to delegation, communication and negotiation.

MDI participants in 2017 will attend three sessions in Cleveland: July 30–August 1, October 1–3 and December 3–5, 2017. Each session includes discussions, activities and case studies covering a range of topics important to today's forging managers.

To apply for the 2017 MDI course, download the MDI application or contact the FIA office at 216-781-6260.

Details from Laurin Baker Group About Executive Order on Buy America

In April, President Trump signed a new Executive Order (EO) aimed at strengthening existing domestic preference policies on government-funded projects. The EO seeks a “more muscular Buy American policy” that maximizes domestic content and minimizes waivers and exceptions to the Buy American requirements. This is a significant development that will benefit U.S. manufacturers and their workers. The EO also aims to curb fraud and abuse with respect to guest worker/H-1B visas. There are four main components of the EO:

First, the EO directs federal agencies to fully monitor, enforce, and comply with Buy American requirements. Every agency will be required to perform an extensive “top-to-bottom assessment” of its implementation of Buy American requirements, including the use of waivers and enforcement efforts relating to these requirements. The EO tasks the U.S. Department of Commerce with coordinating efforts among government agencies and providing a report to the President within 220 days with recommendations on how to strengthen Buy American requirements and close existing loopholes.

Second, the EO calls for limiting the use of waivers and exceptions to the Buy American requirements. Specifically, the EO requires that agencies define the “public interest” waiver more narrowly and that the determination of whether a public interest waiver is warranted be elevated to the head of the relevant agency. Notably, in reviewing bids on government contracts, agencies will be able to take into account unfair trade activities such as dumping and subsidization.

Third, the EO seeks fair and reciprocal access to government procurement under U.S. free trade agreements (FTAs). Specifically, the EO requires that the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and Commerce evaluate whether our FTAs have weakened Buy American requirements and if they provide the U.S. with reciprocal access to the government procurement of our trading partners. According to one Administration official, “if it turns out America is a net loser,” then the Buy American waivers in our FTAs may be “renegotiated or revoked.”

Fourth, the EO reaffirms the “melted and poured” standard, which requires that all manufacturing processes take place in the U.S. for steel to be considered produced in the United States. According to Administration officials, this standard is key to ensuring that the benefits of Buy American are “felt throughout the supply chain.”

For questions, contact Jennifer Baker Reid, president of The Laurin Baker Group, at 202-393-8524 or [email protected]

May 2017 Economic Charts from ClearView Economics Available

The latest “essential” charts from Dr. Ken Mayland of ClearView Economics are available for download here. The charts cover many facets of the economy, and they come with comments from Dr. Mayland.

 FIERF Welcomes Newest Anvil Society Members

The Forging Industry Educational & Research Foundation would like to thank Sharon P. Haverstock for her support at the Gold Anvil level, and Forging Equipment Solutions for its support at the Bronze Anvil level. It is only because of contributors like these that FIERF is able to support more than 30 students each year with Finkl and Forging Industry Women’s Scholarships, work with students and professors at universities to advance technical research, and reach out to students to tell the forging story. See FIERF’s 20-20 Plan for details.

Congratulations, Safety Award Winners

The following Safety Award winners represent the top-performing facilities in FIA’s 2016 Occupational Injury & Illness Survey.

The survey collected data for several safety categories. To determine Safety Award winners, FIA placed all facilities that participated in the survey into one of four groups based on number of employees. This ensured each location would be judged fairly against similarly sized competitors. The facilities in each group with the lowest recordable incident rates were eligible for awards, provided their DART (days away from work, work restrictions and job transfer cases) rates were less than the group average. These rates were calculated using data from OSHA Form No. 300 or Canadian Workers’ Compensation Reports.

The FIA Safety Award winners for 2016 are:

Group IV (more than 325 employees)
First place: Forja De Monterrey, S.A. de C.V.

Group III (176–325 employees)
First place: Scot Forge Co. Spring Grove Division

Group II (81–175 employees)
First place: AccuGear

Group I (less than 81 employees)
First place: Asahi Bluegrass Forge
First place: King Forge and Machine
First place: Michigan Forge
First place: Rockford Drop Forge

The Occupational Injury & Illness Survey is part of FIA’s dynamic benchmarking platform. The platform enables participants to log in at any time and customize reports to show only the information they need, which helps streamline the benchmarking process.

Additional information about the FIA dynamic benchmarking platform is available at

FIA Technical Committee Meets at University of Pittsburgh

Early this year, the FIA Technical Committee was welcomed to the University of Pittsburgh by FIERF Magnet School Professor Tony DeArdo and Gerald Holder, Dean of the School of Engineering.

Aaron Stein, first year graduate student working on the Microalloyed Steel Project, updated the group on the project’s status to develop a new composition and process route for making high strength, high toughness forgings with minimum die wear, limited distortion and no heat treatment. Project Team partners include Graham McIntosh, Universal Stainless; Jeffrey Schwed, ThyssenKrupp Rotek; Carl McLean and Fred Geib, Meadville Forge; and Tom Zorc, TimkenSteel.

In addition to the project update and the presentation of a senior design project (Eamonn Hughes, Kevin Glorius-Patrick, Joseph Janke and Rachel Lukas) to develop an isothermic quench tank, three project proposals, committee organization, and project management were reviewed.

Manufacturing Process for High-Power-Density Hollow Shaft Project Progress Report Available to FIA Members

North Carolina State University’s Professor Gracious Ngaile the project team that includes Research Assistant Hao Pang and Industry Partners at Mid-West Forge, have completed the Investigation Phase of the project where they have investigated current techniques, determined forming sequences and forging families and have conducted numerical modeling. See Progress Report 1 in the Technical Library for a report of the project to date.

Searching for the next generation of talent in the forging industry? FIA can help…

Through the Forging Career Center, your organization now has the opportunity to easily post internships for free and connect with hundreds of college students, recent graduates and career-changers that are actively seeking employment.

Built exclusively for the forging industry supply chain, FIA’s new Internship Module is a convenient way to post internship opportunities and connect with a talented pool of students and alumni who are well prepared to contribute to your organization’s success.

You can post and manage all of your internship positions on the Forging Career Center free of charge, search through the database of early career professionals and gain access to a talented pool of applicants for short-term support and build an ongoing pipeline of young and developing talent for future job opportunities.

New users to the Career Center will be asked to create an account to access the Internship Module.

Upcoming Events

FIA Theory & Applications of Forging & Die Design
June 5–8, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

FIA First Line Supervisory Development Seminar
June 20–22, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

FIA Management Development Institute (MDI) Session 1
July 30–August 1, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM)
September 11–14, 2017
Graz, Austria

International Forging Congress (IFC)
September 17–22, 2017
Hangzhou, China