Global Networking

FIA is committed to increasing FIA members’ global networking opportunities.


FIA is an active participant in International Forging Meetings, held every 3 years. FIA was the host of the 19th IFC in the fall of 2008 and the 2011 International Forge Masters Meeting in 2011.


The International Forging Congress...

FIA will lead a delegation to the 21st International Forging Congress in 2014 in Berlin, German.


The International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM)...


FIA will lead a delegation to the International Forge Masters Meeting September 29 – October 2, 2014 to be held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Centre in Tokyo, Japan.

To further enhance FIA member’s image and presence internationally, FIA will sustain an active presence at EuroForge, AsiaForge, and ForgeNET meetings.


FIA Networking Meetings

Annual Meeting of Members This meeting, typically held in May, delivers extensive exposure to nationally recognized speakers, topical presentations and networking with peers and suppliers. All of the events address FIA’s strategic plan: forging development and advancement, benchmark practices, networking, advocate public policy favorable to the industry, education and training, and industry extension into a global economy.

Fall Meeting of Members
This noon to noon business meeting targets a “get in and get out” audience. Topical and timely presentations, coupled with market specific roundtables, make this a business meeting that should not be missed.

Forge Fair
FIA’s triennial trade show and conference focuses solely on the forging industry and encourages international attendance. Vendor displays feature innovations in heating, tooling, equipment, material, testing and automation. Visitors examine state-of-the-art products and presentations for use in upgrading their forging capabilities and competitive know-how.

Industry Technical Conference
This conference transfers the latest technology from around the globe to forging and related industries, while providing networking opportunities with industry, academic and research partners.

International Affiliations
FIA represents the interests of North American forgers at the international meetings of EuroForge and AsiaForge.

International Meetings
FIA provides opportunities for members to interact with global forging companies via hosting or leading delegations.

International Forging Congress/Forgemasters
These triennial events target producers from around the world, encompassing a complete technical and business program covering everything from automation to tooling technology. Plant tours are also part of the events.