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  • Comprehensive wage and benefit information for production workers reported by geographic region and union/non-union affiliation.

  • Published each May, these reports cover the past year's North American custom forging industry sales reported in tonnage/pounds shipped and current dollar values. Informative breakdowns by major markets are detailed. Separate reports are available on impression die (closed die), open die forging and seamless rolled ring shipments - please specify. These copyrighted reports are not for media or offshore purchase, publication or reprint. FIA member supplier companies contact FIA for subscription information.

    Contact FIA directly for current pricing information and ordering options.

  • Information concerning the manufacture and purchase of precision forged aluminum parts. Suggested for customer use and education.  Not shipped outside of North America.

  • Information relating to processes, methods and criteria most generally utilized in the production and purchase of seamless rolled rings. Suggested for customer use and education.

  • This 1983 report summarizes the results of a major research effort in conjuction with Michigan Technological University directed towards source control of hammer impact noise which would result in reduced noise levels both within the forge plant and in its neighboorhood, and could be implemented with minimal negative or even positive effects on forging productivity. Two source noise control approaches were investigated (1) hammer retrofits to reduce noise generation from structural ringing and (2) noise reduction through improved forging process control and design.

  • This CD for students is designed to reach, inform, attract and recruit new employees to the industry workforce.

    It is highlighted by 14 person-to-person video vignettes from current "new" FIA member employees, expressing challenges and opportunities opened to them across forging career specialty paths. Opportunities in accounting, engineering, HR, IT, management, sales and technical maintenance are discussed. The CD links to an interactive, complimentary Forging Career Choice website which connects prospective workforce candidates to position and job openings posted electronically by FIA members.

  • Recommended Audience: Forging industry employees

    Available in CD-ROM or video format, this new employee orientation provides a general overview of what the forging industry is, what it does, how forgings are used and the industry's contribution to the North American economy. "Making the World Work" presents a capsule view of the vitality and diversity of the North American forging industry.

    What you will see: History of the forging process; Advantages of forging over other metalworking processes; Forging materials used; Forging processes; Forging equipment; Key markets for forgings.

  • A comprehensive overview and discussion of the forging process and of forging manufacturing operations. Major sections include: 1) Forging applications (including glossary of forging terms) 2) Forging design; 3) Material characteristics; and 4) Manufacture of forgings. Principal uses: training, education, and information for producers and their employees, customers, students and others interested in the industry. Contact FIA for bulk order prices.

  • Fully illustrated, this 89-page manual published in conjunction with the National Safety Council includes chapters on safety in: raw materials and materials handling; die sinking; die setup and removal; forging equipment; forging operations; heating; finishing; and many more.

  • This reference CD offers the design engineering community a multi-faceted look at the forging process using short newsletter-type articles to outline the advantages of forging. Broken up into the four major forging processes, articles are often backed up by case studies proving the superiority of forged components over many competing processes.

    A version of this CD is available at no cost on this website. Click here to visit.


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