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  • Significant changes, technical developments and specialization in the production of open die forgings are chronicled. Handbook compiles information on manufacturing equipment methods and design considerations of open die forgings. Includes overview on the manufacture of seamless rolled rings. Principal uses: training, education, and information for producers and their employees, customers, students and others interested in the open die industry. Contact FIA for bulk order prices.

  • A single-source set of guidelines and technical information relevant to the OEM engineer or any buyer or specifier of manufactured components interested in learning the "do's" and don'ts" of designing products to be forged. The 240 page book is laid out in a quick reference format complete with plenty of graphics, tables, photos and a detailed index to make it easy for the time conscious user to quickly locate information needed. As a bonus, this publication incorporates all three FIA Guideline Tolerance booklets. Contact FIA for bulk order prices.

    The Guide reviews:

    • Establishing design parameters/materials
    • Cost drivers Manufacturing process comparisons/trade offs
    • Forged shapes and forms
    • Characteristics of forging alloys
    • Post-processing
    • Guidelines for specifying forgings
    • Case studies demonstrating how forgings were used to advantage
  • Filmed in forge shops! For use as new employee safety orientation and refresher training, this 23 minute video addresses basic safety and health issues in the forging industry. Content includes employee responsibilities, personal protective equipment, housekeeping, safe lifting, material handling, first aid, machine guarding, hazard communication, confined spaces and more. Included with the video are training participation cards that may be issued to employees. A must for every forging safety program!

  • Available in booklet or 3.5" disk in MS Word 6.0 format, the following Safety Checklists for the forging environment have been prepared by the FIA's Safety and Health Committee:

    • Bulldozer
    • Forge Hammer
    • Forge Press
    • Horizontal Bandsaw
    • Industrial Hygiene
    • Power Press
    • Ring Rolling
    • Rolls
    • Shears
    • Slugger Shear
    • Swager
    • Upsetter
  • This CD presents the forging process in a fast paced, easily understood format going beyond the written word to educate and inform. Advanced graphics, video, photographs, voice over and music present forging as never seen before! Interactive means engineers and buyers will access the information they want quickly, in an electronic format they use. Forging processes, markets, materials and comparisons to other processes are just some of the modules included. Always on screen will be a Learning Library linking the user to the fundamentals of the forging process. Or, the CD may be used in a logical 'drill down' progression, enabling users to seek more depth and breadth of information if they desire.

  • Recommended Audience: College/University Engineering Students

    This 26 minute VHS presentation has been produced by the industry to increase the awareness of the forging process and especially to encourage the academic and engineering communities to "Think Forging First!". Fast paced, informative and entertaining. Before placing an order with FIA, customers and schools are encouraged to first check with a local forging company and/or university who may have a complimentary copy available.


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