Student and Career Information

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  • This CD for students is designed to reach, inform, attract and recruit new employees to the industry workforce.

    It is highlighted by 14 person-to-person video vignettes from current "new" FIA member employees, expressing challenges and opportunities opened to them across forging career specialty paths. Opportunities in accounting, engineering, HR, IT, management, sales and technical maintenance are discussed. The CD links to an interactive, complimentary Forging Career Choice website which connects prospective workforce candidates to position and job openings posted electronically by FIA members.

  • Recommended Audience: College/University Engineering Students

    This 26 minute VHS presentation has been produced by the industry to increase the awareness of the forging process and especially to encourage the academic and engineering communities to "Think Forging First!". Fast paced, informative and entertaining. Before placing an order with FIA, customers and schools are encouraged to first check with a local forging company and/or university who may have a complimentary copy available.

Forging Videos

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