Customer Education

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  • Information concerning the manufacture and purchase of precision forged aluminum parts. Suggested for customer use and education.  Not shipped outside of North America.

  • Information relating to processes, methods and criteria most generally utilized in the production and purchase of seamless rolled rings. Suggested for customer use and education.

  • Recommended Audience: Forging industry employees

    Available in CD-ROM or video format, this new employee orientation provides a general overview of what the forging industry is, what it does, how forgings are used and the industry's contribution to the North American economy. "Making the World Work" presents a capsule view of the vitality and diversity of the North American forging industry.

    What you will see: History of the forging process; Advantages of forging over other metalworking processes; Forging materials used; Forging processes; Forging equipment; Key markets for forgings.

  • A comprehensive overview and discussion of the forging process and of forging manufacturing operations. Major sections include: 1) Forging applications (including glossary of forging terms) 2) Forging design; 3) Material characteristics; and 4) Manufacture of forgings. Principal uses: training, education, and information for producers and their employees, customers, students and others interested in the industry. Contact FIA for bulk order prices.

  • This reference CD offers the design engineering community a multi-faceted look at the forging process using short newsletter-type articles to outline the advantages of forging. Broken up into the four major forging processes, articles are often backed up by case studies proving the superiority of forged components over many competing processes.

    A version of this CD is available at no cost on this website. Click here to visit.

  • This 10-page, full-color brochure provides a fundamental overview of forging markets, applications, materials and processes to customers, employees or anyone interested in this process. An excellent educational tool, highlights of the piece are the detailed descriptions and diagrams of the forging process and a gallery of end-products. Also included are in-depth discussions of directional strength, the cost advantages of forging and a chart detailing the wide range of materials and applications.

  • Information concerning the manufacture and purchase of forged parts or products on the basic types of closed-die production forging equipment. Suggested for customer use and education.

  • Industrial Maintenance Training

    To further meet the employee training needs of FIA members, we are pleased to announce an expansion of online course offerings, in partnership with Kent State University. Focused on the high demand areas of mechanical and electrical maintenance, hundreds of online web-based courses are available for nominal fees. Member companies work directly with Kent State representatives to select courses or to design a training program that will meet individual organization needs.  To request additional information, visit the website or contact:


    Forging University

    The Forging University is an On-Line, Web-Based Training Center, offering over100 interactive training courses. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the office, the home, or on the go.

    Subscribing companies may offer up to 1000 of their employee's unlimited access to all 100 plus course offerings. The Forging University is a free service for FIA member companies.

    Non-FIA member companies may subscribe to the University for an annual fee of $5,000.

    For more information contact FIA at:

  • Significant changes, technical developments and specialization in the production of open die forgings are chronicled. Handbook compiles information on manufacturing equipment methods and design considerations of open die forgings. Includes overview on the manufacture of seamless rolled rings. Principal uses: training, education, and information for producers and their employees, customers, students and others interested in the open die industry. Contact FIA for bulk order prices.

  • A single-source set of guidelines and technical information relevant to the OEM engineer or any buyer or specifier of manufactured components interested in learning the "do's" and don'ts" of designing products to be forged. The 240 page book is laid out in a quick reference format complete with plenty of graphics, tables, photos and a detailed index to make it easy for the time conscious user to quickly locate information needed. As a bonus, this publication incorporates all three FIA Guideline Tolerance booklets. Contact FIA for bulk order prices.

    The Guide reviews:

    • Establishing design parameters/materials
    • Cost drivers Manufacturing process comparisons/trade offs
    • Forged shapes and forms
    • Characteristics of forging alloys
    • Post-processing
    • Guidelines for specifying forgings
    • Case studies demonstrating how forgings were used to advantage


Forging Videos

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