The FIERF Mission


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Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation

The FIERF Mission

Established in 1961, Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation (FIERF) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Operating as a “supporting organization” to the FIA, the Foundation’s Mission is to Support the Forging Industry through Technology Development and Education.
The Foundation was set up as a separate organization from FIA to provide a tax advantage to contributors.  All contributions, donations and gifts to FIERF are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Because FIA provides the administration of the Foundation, 100% of all contributions to FIERF go directly to educational and research programs.

Goals of FIERF

Research and Development
  •   Provide framework for forging and related industry collaborative research
  •   Fund technology development
  •   Transfer technology to forging industry and users
FIERF provides a medium and funding for FIA members to work together on common technical issues. In conjunction with other industry partners such as American Iron and Steel Institute, FIERF has funded important university research comparing forgings to competing process manufacturing processes. The results of the cast iron, cast aluminum steering knuckle and crankshaft research has been widely distributed to
the FIA Customer list at customer trade shows and within the engineering and academic communities.
The Foundation also reaches across and outside the forging industry to engage research partners from other industries, technology innovators, National Laboratories, Universities and government agencies. The Industry Technical Conference and on-line Library of Technical Research are two ways technology and information is transferred to FIA Members.
Technical Education
  •  Foster forging curriculum and experiential training in university engineering departments
  •  Provide scholarships to encourage careers in the forging and related industries
The goal of all of FIERF’s Education-related activities is to 1) encourage university engineering students to consider a career in the forging industry and 2) educate future engineers to value the forging process wherever
their careers take them in industries that represent current or potential industry customers and suppliers.
Named Professor at Colorado School of Mines – FIERF Professor
Kester Clarke promotes forging education and provides a liaison with the academic community.
Magnet School Program FIERF forms relationships with professors and students at engineering universities.
The Foundation funds and administers a number of programs specifically designed for university students:
        •  Undergraduate Grants ... promote forging related research at Magnet Schools.
        •  Graduate Fellowships ... support Masters and Ph.D. level industry research.
        •  Scholarships ... of $4000 are awarded to undergraduate engineering students.
  • Seek support from government, industry and individual sources to grow programs to fulfill research and education goals

Fundraising is what allows the Foundation to award collaborative, research, education and scholarship grants. 100% of tax-deductive contributions are used for the programs and activities designated by donors because all of FIERF’s administrative expenses are covered by FIA.

The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Anvil Societies are designed to recognize the continuing
generosity of many FIERF contributors.

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