FIA Announces 2021 Safety Award Winners

May 3rd, 2022 | By FIA Staff

On April 22, 2022, the Forging Industry Association (FIA) announced its 2021 Safety Award winners. The award winners represent the top-performing facilities in FIA’s 2021 Occupational Injury & Illness Survey, which collected data for several safety categories.

The Occupational Injury & Illness Survey is part of FIA’s dynamic benchmarking platform. The platform enables participants to log in at any time and customize reports to show only the information they need, which helps streamline the benchmarking process.

To determine the Safety Award winners, FIA placed all facilities that participated in the survey into one of four groups based on number of employees. The facilities in each group with the lowest recordable incident rates were eligible for awards, provided their DART rates (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred) were less than the group average. These rates were calculated using data from OSHA Form No. 300 or Canadian Workers’ Compensation Reports. 

The 2021 FIA Safety Award winners are: 

Group IV (more than 326 employees)

  • First Place:                       FRISA Forjados, S.A. De C.V. Superalloys Plant               


Group III (176–325 employees)

  • First Place:                       Ellwood National Forge
  • Second place:                  FRISA Forjados, S.A. De C.V. Santa Catarina Plant
  • Third Place:                      Ellwood City Forge


Group II (81–175 employees)

  • First Place:                       Trenton Forging Company
  • First Place:                       Portland Forge
  • Second Place:                  Asahi Forge Group
  • Third Place:                      Columbus McKinnon Forge Operations Chattanooga


Group I (up to 80 employees)

  • First Place:                       Daifuku America Corporation (Jervis B. Webb)
  • First Place:                       Forge Products Corporation
  • First Place:                       DeKalb Forge Company Division of Forge Resources
  • First Place:                       Solmet Technologies, Inc.
  • First Place:                       Scot Forge Co. Franklin Park Division
  • First Place:                       Finkl Steel - Composite
  • First Place:                       Asahi Bluegrass Forge
  • Second Place:                  Forge Resources Group
  • Third Place:                      Midwest Tool & Cutlery Co. MTCC - Forge Division


Other notable facilities that achieved a safety rate below the group average for 2021 are:

Group I (up to 80 employees)

  • Phoenix Forging Company, Inc.


Group II (81-175 employees)

  • Whitcraft Group
  • Ellwood National Forge Corry
  • Klein Tools Inc. - Forging Division 


Group III (176-325 employees)

  • American Axle & Manufacturing - Oxford Manufacturing Facility
  • Finkl Steel Chicago


In addition, facilities from each group also were recognized with an Improvement Award. These facilities showed the greatest improvement in their DART (days away from work, work restrictions and job transfer cases) rates as compared to their previous three-year averages.

Companies recognized with Improvement Awards include: 

Group I (up to 80 employees):  Midwest Tool and Cutlery Co. Forge Division; Phoenix Forging Company, Inc.; Ringmaster MFG; Solmet Technologies Inc.

Group II (81-175 employees):  Trenton Forging Company

Group III (176-325 employees):  American Axle & Manufacturing - Oxford Manufacturing Facility

Group IV (more than 326 employees):  FRISA Forjados, S.A. De C.V. Superalloys Plant


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For more information about FIA’s 2021 Safety Awards, please contact Megha Patel at (216) 781-6260 or