Register for the FIERF Sponsored Webinar - Characterization of a High Entropy Alloy Welding Process for Application to Forging Dies

Attend our webinar on Friday, January 25 at 2 p.m. EST and hear directly from the University of North Texas research team and industry partners Weld Mold and Queen City Forge as they present the results of the FIERF-funded research focused on characterizing high entropy alloys (HEA), which were either welding or laser-coated as a surface treatment to forging dies.  HEAs represent a new class of alloys, consisting of five or more components in near equimolecular ratios. They have recently attracted attention as replacements for traditional alloy systems due to their unique corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.



Using a HEA approach offered the unique ability to tune properties for specific applications. In this project, HEAs were examined for their ability to improve the wear resistance of forge punch die heads used in the forging industry.



Typically, when a die head reaches the end of its fatigue life, the entire head is either repaired or discarded. While many methods for repair exist, the main focus of our study was to examine the effectiveness of a new class of materials, high entropy alloys, using a method which involves resurfacing a damaged die head and then laser coating the surface with an HEA.



In this study, three HEAs were flood welded onto a 4340 Finkl Steel and one HEA was laser coated onto a H13 steel as a potential candidate for repair of a die head. A variety of characterization tools were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the weld/laser coat and performance of the samples. In the case of the laser-coated sample, the power wattage of the laser was varied to determine the optimum coating condition. The method used to select the HEA and the processing parameters used during the laser-coating process are presented. Once the optimum HEA laser-coating was determined, a damaged H13 steel die head was resurfaced and then laser-coated with a CoNiFeCrAlTi HEA and put into service.



If you are unable to attend the webinar, you can access the report by clicking here. Contact FIERF Executive Director Karen Lewis at or (216) 862-6967 to register for the webinar.