Growing Forging Sales in These Pandemic Times

Event Date: Monday, January 25, 2021 to Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Most forgers have struggled to see customers and have meaningful meetings during this pandemic. It is likely we won’t be face-to-face with customers on a normal basis until summer or fall. That makes now a great time to hone our communication and sales skills when it comes to working with our customers over the phone, via email and on Zoom. 

After attending this virtual workshop, you will be able to: 

This is a customized 4-hour virtual workshop which will be taught over two afternoons. 

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About the Instructor
Prior to founding COACH MEdia, Stephen spent 16 years in sales as both a sales professional and a sales leader, including 10 years at Ziff-Davis in numerous positions including Senior Vice President of Sales. Throughout his career, Stephen has excelled at selling, managing sales teams, creating sales organizations, and coaching sales professionals to higher levels of performance.  Some of his clients include Linked-In, Lyft, WebMD, Yelp, Pandora, American Express, xo group and many others.Stephen Pia founded COACH MEdia in 2000. He works with sales teams and individuals to strengthen their sales skills, develop an effective sales process, and enhance their communication and negotiation skills. In addition to training and consulting, he also provides customized coaching on both a scheduled and on-demand basis to help sales professionals enhance their skills and ability to achieve sales success.


What Stephen’s Clients Think of His Training


“From personal experience I have found no one more effective at training sales and business development personnel than Stephen Pia!  At my previous employer we brought Stephen in annually to tune-up our sales team.  Much of our association’s sales efforts were already over the phone or in Zoom meetings.  Whether you are in-person in front of your customer, or on the phone or on a Zoom, I guarantee you will learn actionable techniques from Stephen to improve your sales effort and close more business.” 

- Jim Warren, President & CEO, Forging Industry Association


"Stephen brings the energy into every room he walks into. Going to his trainings is as much educational as it is fun. Stephen has helped me understand how to build an eco-system around a prospective client that has multiple decision makers. Through his approach I have come to conversations with more knowledge about the prospect's business and have seen direct results via revenue for my company.” 

- Gary Podvalny, Account Executive, Yelp


“COACH MEdia helped us implement a common DNA in the way we interact with our clients. Now each of us is better at understanding our clients' business and goals which enables us to provide customized solutions. Stephen and Dan's industry experience enables them to provide impactful 1:1 coaching - we have an on-demand resource that we can utilize throughout the year. They understand the opportunities and challenges we face and help us get results.”

- Greg Brasher, Global Account Manager, LinkedIn