About FIERF Magnet Schools

Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation - Magnet Schools

In 1992 Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation (FIERF) established the Magnet School Program to increase awareness and knowledge of the forging industry among university engineering and metallurgy students.

The Foundation has partnered with universities where faculty members have expressed interest in forging, course enrichment in forging processes and application as well as receptivity to research and development projects of potential value to the forging industry.

The goals of the program are to provide future engineers an appreciation of the value of utilizing forged products and to attract new generations of engineering students into the forging industry as a career.

Dr. Kester Clarke, the FIERF Professor at the Colorado School of Mines academically oversees the Magnet School Program encouraging the introduction of courses in forging, forming and deformation modeling at participating universities.


Participating Professors and Universities

Blair London, Professor
California Polytechnic State University
Materials Engineering Department
[email protected]
Chris Yuan, Associate Professor
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
[email protected]
Kester Clarke, FIERF Professor
Colorado School of Mines
George S. Ansel Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
[email protected]
Sammy Tin, Professor
Illinois Institute of Technology
Thermal Processing Technology Center
[email protected]
Joseph Domblesky, Professor
Marquette University
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
[email protected]
Jionghua (Judy) Jin, Professor
The University of Michigan
Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering
[email protected]
Ronald J. O’Malley, Professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Materials Science & Engineering
[email protected]
Gracious Ngaile, Professor
North Carolina State University
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
[email protected]
Marcus Young, Professor
University of North Texas
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
[email protected]
Steve Niezgoda, Professor
Ohio State University
Materials Science & Engineering; Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
[email protected]
Timothy Cyders, Professor
Ohio University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
[email protected]
Robert C. Voigt, Professor
Pennsylvania State University
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
[email protected]
Mary Wells, Professor
University of Waterloo
Department of Mechanical Engineering
[email protected]


Tushar Borkar, Assistant Professor
Cleveland State University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
[email protected]